What’s Your Lifestyle?

Detox Yoga Lifestyle will help you uncover new strategies for living a life with wellness intentions. Learning about how your body should process, how your body does process and what your body needs to function at its best capacity will provide you with clinically based concepts for mind and body to improve your body awareness and self-care ability. Learning about the systems of the body and how they work together to create perfect harmony will support your understanding of how to use your influence over the processes of the body enabling you to perform at your best.

After years of education and life experience, I understand better the difference between staying healthy and getting healthy again. I believe that there are very different needs for people whose bodies are aging normally, those that have a potential for disorder/autoimmune disease and for those in a chronic state of disease.

When a person is in a “normal” state of aging, living a life of “moderation” and following the “standard guidelines” is something the body can manage without causing aging or damage to the body system.

Life cannot be lived in moderation for those with genetic predispositions for dysfunction. Overloading the system with intolerances causes the body to react in defense to protect itself. Some reactions are very slight and unnoticeable yet overtime the stress of having to do more to manage what is being put in and on the body leads to dysfunction if not addressed properly.

Learning about the lymphatic system can provide you with a better understanding of what it takes for the body to move blood and lymph in the best possible way throughout the body.