On The Go Detox Yoga

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On The Go Yoga for the career minded individuals. Host an “On The Go Yoga and Wellness” event.

Special One Hour Workshops learning how to infuse healthy behaviors and positions into your work day for improved productivity and outcomes. Get in touch today! MsKimBurns@gmail.com

1 Hour workshop for $150 per group of 10-12 participants

Below are some questions that will be answered in my workshops.

Are you breathing right during exercise?

  • Breathing correctly: You will learn what diaphragmatic breathing is and how it helps with moving fluid through your lymphatic system. You will learn how to use breath on exertion and how to brace supporting muscles during movement.

What’s the spine got to do with it?

  • Spinal Alignment: Learn about neutral spine and spinal alignment for improving your health. Explore how to keep your spine in alignment during exercising.

Doesn’t Yoga take a lot of time to practice?

  • Daily Intention: Use techniques in every activity you do throughout the day

I can’t do Yoga, can I?

  • Yoga Therapy: Understand how to use the concepts of Yoga combined with spinal alignment and joint protection. Try props for support and positioning.

Hey Wait! What about strengthening?

  • Building Muscle: We will use weights, bands and balls to develop core strength and explore dynamic movement exercises.

What’s Detox Yoga anyway??

  • Putting your detox system to work. Learn sequences designed to assist in moving fluid though your body to aid in toxin removal.