Boost Your Energy Naturally

Boosting Your Energy Naturally

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Fatigue and lack of energy are common complaints with chronic pain and autoimmune disease sufferers. When your battery is running low or you are trying to maintain a constant stream of energy to keep you going, it’s important to seek out all the possibilities that could provide you with  additional  energy support outside of food. Back in the day, food was able to provide us with more energy than it does today.  Cheap food policies have negatively impacted how we can sustain ourselves through food. Processed foods, artificial ingredients, and overuse of pesticides leave our bodies fighting daily to rid our bodies of toxins robbing us of the energy the food was to provide.

So what can you do these days to boost your energy?

Get out in the sun. Being out in the sun for 20-30 minutes a day, preferably early as the sun is rising or as it is close to setting.  This is the most natural way to get vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is made in your skin when you expose all of your body to sun. In just 15-30 minutes, depending on your body type, where you live, and the color of your skin a person can produce needed vitamin D. Check out more from the Vitamin D Council here. Get Core Complete here to get a daily dose of what your body needs!


Drinking water with added salts and minerals will help your body absorb and perform vital body functions more efficiently, as well as, helping you sweat for cooling and removing toxins. Read more about water here. Ionic Elements can help to provide your water with a specially formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals supporting a healthy body. Get $50 of your $75 purchase of Ionic Elements here. Use code kimburns. On a fun note…getting a salt rock and licking it throughout the day can also be a great strategy for getting needed minerals into children.


Breathe the right way. Utilizing a 3 part and 2 part breath technique can provide your body with increase oxygen, reduce your heart rate and assist in moving body fluids for removal from the body. Muscles have memory. When the body is placed in a sitting position all day or curled up in a ball all night, we are training or body to breath using only the upper part of our chest. This can lead to diaphragmatic dysfunction leading your body to breath pulling the chest upwards  filling only the top portion of the lungs rather than expanding downward to full all of the lungs. The Detox Yoga Program teaches you how!


Move your body. Being a “couch potato” or being in a compressed position such as sitting at a desk all day can limit the flow of energy and fluid throughout the body. Movement produces kinetic energy, which can be converted into power to fuels the body. Detox Yoga can help to support good spinal alignment necessary for maximizing blood, lymph, and nerve flow throughout your body supplying your body with nutrients and protecting your joints. Detox Yoga Lifestyle is about influencing wellness through supporting your lymphatic system daily.


The Earth is similar to a giant battery with a natural electric charge. Grounding is charging your bioelectrical body through connecting with the earth. As we become more industrial, living off the ground, covering our feet with rubber soles, and staying indoors, we lose contact with the ground leaving us disconnected and out of touch with the earth’s natural resources. We miss out on daily natural strategies that can prevent illness and improve energy supporting well-being. If you have lost your electrical roots you can easily start to ground yourself by getting outside to enjoy the warm sun and Florida’s natural resources while walking barefoot. Can’t get outside? No worries, you can bring grounding in through use of chair mats, bed pads, body bands and more! Check out a grounding study here.

Want to know more and learn how to use the natural resources our body and earth provide us to be well? Contact me today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation by phone or video conference. You will also receive my top 5 exercises that you can do in 15 minutes a day to influence better spinal alignment, cleansing your lymphatic system and breathing to influence your nervous system for calming. or call 215-499-0444.







by Kim Burns, OTR/L, CLT and Cheryl Albright OTR/L RYT

Some physicians are now prescribing or suggesting yoga for all sorts of medical conditions. That’s appreciated! But now what? Do they have recommendations or will you be left on your own to find one? Most won’t really know how to explain yoga other than to have their patients go for stretching and strengthening. It’s also likely they won’t know where to send them and it’s possible they think all yoga practices are the same. How is the patient supposed to know how to safely treat their body with Yoga if they are not instructed by medical professionals?

The moment someone hears the word Yoga, thoughts of twisting and bending come to mind. If you are in pain and seeking comfort, twisting and bending are not in your visions of healing. Unless you have selected the slow, restorative practice class, walking into a typical Yoga class can be putting your body at high risk for further damage.

If you have never been to a Yoga class before your doctor recommended, it is in your best interest to seek out a medical professional that can provide specific guidelines for your medical need. We would recommend to everyone who enjoys yoga or wants to try Yoga for the first time to also seek out consultation from medical professionals that incorporate Yoga into their practice. It’s not all about stretching. It must be about spine and joint protection.





Private and group sessions available. Contact me today to set up a workshop at 215-499-0444

Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? It isn’t just about vanity. It is about keeping our body functioning properly by reducing the workload of our organs. Gerontologists feel that aging is due to the interaction of a variety of lifelong influences such as genetics, environmental influences, diet, stressors, past illnesses, injury and lifestyle. We can’t change our genetics or past factors, yet we can change the way we treat our body today with knowledge and natural techniques. An effective anti-aging routine needs to include what is going on within our bodies. Our food choices, along with attention to how the spine is aligned throughout the day, influences good blood and lymph flow. Learning how to live addressing the lymphatic system is as easy as daily yoga.



28 Day Detox Yoga Therapy

Take back control of your health

Contact me today for your Free 30 minute phone consultation and exercise review!

Private workshop $195 includes 2-3 hour assessment and program review. Group programs are available with special rates per group. Grab a couple friends and make a change!

28 Day Detox Yoga Therapy is a guide to assist you to taking control of your health and well-being. It will help you improve your body awareness and medical knowledge. You will learn about your body and how your body moves fluids through your circulatory and lymphatic system. You will understand how breath is life and it is your ability to influence health. New food choices, best exercise practices and natural therapies to help you manage wellness.

Detox Yoga Therapy is a daily 4 week program. Begin your journey to changing your life in 28 days. Included in the package is a one on one initial assessment with an option to purchase  1 hour  sessions of consultation, personal training, and manual/massage services.

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Rehab Your Asanas: Rejuvenating Pose

When first practicing breathing, one should learn how to align the spine properly to maximize the free flow of energy and the proper muscle activation for breath control. Our spine has 3 natural curves: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. We lose these curves over time with prolonged standing, sitting, and poor sleeping postures. Your breathing patterns can also become disrupted. A lot of us tend to be chest-only breathers, which limits the ability to fill the lungs. When you address spinal alignment and base all of your physical movements on the correct posture, you place your body in the best position to strengthen the stabilizers, protect the spine, and to breathe correctly. The inability to properly control spinal movement and breath can contribute to injury, re-injury or delayed recovery. Our postural muscles, transverse abdominals, and respiratory muscles are slow twitch muscles that are used for endurance. In contrast, fast twitch muscles are used for short bursts of movement. Slow twitch muscles are typically closest to the spine, and are deep and internal. They form our architectural support structure and are controlled at an unconscious level. Typically postural muscles are only supposed to engage at approximately 15-30% effort. When they are fatigued from injury/pain/nerve damage, fast twitch muscles could take over causing spasms and compression.

Yoga is a great way to activate our slow twitch fibers when it’s performed correctly!

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Renew YOU! Yoga – Exploring Dragon’s Breath

Exploring Dragon’s Breath

Saturdays at The Yoga Hangout SRQ 352 Somerset Ave, Sarasota Fl Located inside the Alchemy Day Spa upstairs! Click HERE to register.

I never thought I would come to really incorporate Dragon Breath into my yoga practice. Ujjayi breath was my friend. I did Ujjayi breath every second I could so that I was always activating my transverse abdominis and lower spine multifidi for perfect pelvic stability during chiropractic care.elongation-998837 (2)


When you get stronger, you naturally just want to break out of that routine and step it up a bit.





That’s where I went! Feeling strong and needing more input to my spine, Dragon Breath came out! I had a little fun with it in different positions and found that in order to reduce the strain it could cause on your neck, it should only be done with arms overhead.woman-1456950 Want to Learn More? Join me  Saturadays from 9:30-10:30 am at The Yoga Hangout SRQ.

Renew YOU! Yoga  is a weekly class is designed as basic guidelines of yoga  for spinal alignment and good technique for joint positioning. Medically relevant information is provided during poses so that you get the most of of your class.  It is safe for those with back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. Poses are performed at a slower pace to ensure proper spinal alignment and to develop a better understanding of anatomy, posture and intelligent integration of the body. We will explore various breathing techniques and how they influence the lymphatic and nervous system. Modifications are suggested for safe and proper alignment. This class is also appropriate for advance yogis looking to improve core strength and learn alignment principles, biomechanics, breath work and detoxing through yoga. Aromatherapy is also presented as a way to intensify focus and the effects of yoga enhancing your practice.

$15 a class


Yoga Teachers can request a workshop class to get Yoga Alliance CE Units!

YA Categories: All workshops will include 3 of the educational categories. 1. Anatomy and Physiology of particular system(s) or body part which is being presented in the workshop to understand why these poses were chosen and how they influence the body. Information on indications and contraindications. 2. Teaching Methodology on how to set up asana sequence for best management of safe joint positioning through set up, visual and environmental aspects. 3. Techniques, Training and Practice will provide cues during poses to gently move deeper into the stretch. Participants will learn techniques to modify poses safely for beginners and advanced students refining their practice. 4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics as related to Occupational Therapy Ethics and Practice. Participants will understand the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga. How to incorporate yoga into daily activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Are you a paradoxical breather and didn’t even know it?

Detox Yoga can help!

Are you a paradoxical breather and didn’t even know it?

When things go wrong and nerves in our body and spine do not communicate correctly, our body tries to compensate by bringing in other muscles, recruiting them to help with movement. If there is damage to the chest or spine in the area of the lungs and diaphragm, or anywhere in your body due to use of compensatory patterns, what could occur is called abdominal paradox. The movement is spinal extension, abdominal activation, and chest elevation during inhalation. This can be a very subtle occurrence that you may not even know you are doing. It can occur when your attention is not focused on breath. It may be very damaging to internal organs and muscles.

waist trainerWaist trainers are a new fad developing out there to make you stomach thin or help with posture while weight training. It is thought that by applying the corset like vest and cinching it at your core, hips, and back, your body would mold itself into a slimmer figure. What is really occurring is that you are cramming your floating ribs, drawing your rib cage closer together while influencing alternate breathing patterns. Don’t wear them!

When your breathing pattern is changed for whatever reason, multiple muscles are then recruited to assist in breathing and take over causing the slow twitch muscles of the ribs to no longer be required to perform this breathing act. They then become weak and compressed by the larger fast twitch muscles that have taken over. Weak and compressed muscles then begin to lose blood flow and will struggle to overcome the fast twitch muscles.

Learning correct breathing patterns through yoga is a great piece of knowledge that is easy to learn and share. Managing it on a daily basis takes self-control and restraint yet it also teaches these same principles.

If you want to learn more about how to use breathe in healing yourself and others, please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to review your specific health needs and learn about how the lymphatic system can support better health. Call or email me today at 215-499-0444 or



Aerial Yoga: Adult Sensory Integration

Aerial Yoga brought me back to days of working with children and Sensory Integration. Walking into the room with the soft fabric hammock handing down reminded me of the purpose of hanging and swinging. Sensory Integration is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. Occupational Therapists working with children with children of all abilities use this theory, “SI”, to provide body sense awareness stimulation to children who need help with processing information and provide the correct responses from their

I couldn’t wait to get started. I have a passion for yoga and love to experiment with all types. One of the benefits I already know I would gain was the use of a support system. I have great difficulty maintaining positions for very long due to a type of arthritis, spondyloarthropathy, that affects my muscles, tendons and/or ligaments where it enter into the bones, making them irritable and shortened like arthritis does. So flexibility is not a strong point of mine! Using a prop helps to keep neutral spine and protect joints. At the beginning of class, I initially thought the hammock was going to be a great support throughout the session but there were draw backs. Especially if it wasn’t positioned correctly at the beginning of the session. When the support is too high or too low, you won’t be able to achieve the neutral spine needed for good alignment. It puts your body at a disadvantage. I saw participants in Savasana on their mat with their ankles in the loop of the hammock and thought about its affects of the knee with hyper-extension and the strain it then would cause on the low back. My own compensation was to open the hammock up to support from the knee down or placing my feet together in the loop as if doing the butterfly pose. I did feel the hammock was a support in some poses yet another aspect of the hammock became an interference with some areas needing protection from injury. 240_F_63616288_ylsKFvnaMcvdzUIrjykdk5SX2Cj1hXzVCompression from the material into your legs, hips or around your wrists could be damaging  sensitive lymphatic and circulatory pathways.  After a painful attempt of trying to sit on the look of the material,the instructor finally gave a modification and called it “the princess and the pea modification”.  The effect of the fabric rolling or shifting can become a tight, painful band and restricts flow of blood and lymph to the area. Not something you want to cut off when you are trying to heal, stretch and strengthen. Brief periods of compression and release will gently stimulate movement of fluids. Too deep or too long can cause damage to systems mean to transport your body’s vital needs.

Another interest of mine when I attend a yoga class is the cues teachers use. Too often improper cues can cause unhealthy loading responses from muscles as well as over extend the joint. Directing the shoulders over the wrists is putting the bones at an angle of over the “normal” range of 70 degrees wrist extension!cat stretch 1 Then you want to put how much body weight on that joint? Definitely not a position you want your wrists to be in if you have carpal tunnel or other wrist, hand and shoulder issues. I also was aware of the amount of elbow hyper-extension in the room. Poor joints! Not a word about neutral spine. But she did sing and say words of meditation. A very gentle healing touch at the end. All great healing influences.

The anti-gravity ability of this yoga practice is amazing. Once you get the right placement of the hammock and positioning of the fabric to support your body appropriately you can begin to reap the benefits! I haven’t done a somersault in years but with the help of aerial yoga, I was able to get my vestibular stimulation and do a somersault without touching the ground.

Ending inside the aerial hammock was like being inside of a Body Sox.  Yes, I have been in one. And  in a tunnel pushing a therapy ball through it with stuffed animals and a kid! Sounds fun, right? These are techniques used to influence the nervous system to a calm state by providing  deep pressure to the skin and muscle receptors. A bit too long in the hammock though caused a little discomfort to my back due to the considerable amount of stress that it puts on the spine. When caring for joints and ligaments, being in spinal flexion, which is where most of us spend our day, and out of neutral with even mild additional force or compression for extended periods of time can harm your spine. 

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience with Aerial Yoga and would go back again to try different sessions!

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Yoga Rehab: Pain in your Asana?

Pain in your Asana?

Yoga Rehab is a one of a kind workshop designed to prevent injuries by developing your poses through proper spine and joint positioning. According to yoga experts, injuries can happen any time. Most yoga injuries develop gradually over years of consistent over-stretching and misalignment. In this workshop, you will learn joint range of motion limitations and best modifications for you on a variety of poses to keep your spine and joints healthy.

On May 14, we will explore variations/modifications for floor poses along with breath practice and best poses for your immune system.

Kim will also offer a Yoga Rehab on May 28, where you will explore variations/modifications for standing poses, along with breath practice and best poses for your immune system.

$40 per person per session. Attend both sessions for $70. Please preregister at Wild Ginger Apothecary to hold your spot!

Questions? Contact Kim at

Private sessions available or have a group session in your home or other designated space.