Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner: starting from $125/hr for in home sessions. Free Initial Consultation. 

Do you want to explore treatment  alternatives? Need some guidance through the medical system? Want to learn how to advocate for yourself or a loved one? Call today for a free initial phone consultations. Clients receive an initial evaluation write up with recommendations and referrals. Specialized informational programs for Wellness, Disease management, Rotator Cuff injuries, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Lymphedema, Cardiac Conditions, Chronic Pain, Chronic swelling, Weight loss, Pediatrics and Sensory Integration. Healthcare and Advocacy designed around you or your family member’s needs. I make sure my clients are getting the maximum therapy and healthcare needs they are provided through their insurance or private companies. My business background managing a rehabilitation staff of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and aides allows for in depth understanding of the therapeutic side of healthcare. As a manager and practitioner, I have worked extensively with doctors, nurses, and many other disciplines involved in the healthcare process for patient rights and maximizing independence.

From hot and cold packs to home TENS units and kinesiotaping, learn what techniques and treatments would be best for you and your healthcare needs. Need recommendations of which therapy or or medical practice is best for you? I have a varied medical background with a focus on natural and holistic techniques that work yet many medical practitioners are limited in their knowledge of these great therapeutic practices. Find out which ones are for you! What to make your own Sensory Tool Kit? They are great for adults and kids as well as easy to make out of things you may already have in your home! Use what you have and incorporate it into daily practice.  Communication with current medical team is preferred to maximize your benefits.

Ask for a Free Consultation


5 in 15 – $65 for 45 minute private session or $20 per person in groups of 3 or more

Want to know my top 5 exercises that you can do in 15 minutes or in 3 minute segments throughout the day to keep your spine aligned and oxygen flowing? You can find all this out and more when you ask for a 45 minute training! You will learn how to use abdominal breathing and bracing to protect your organs for stress during exercise. Abdominal breathing, AKA Diaphragmatic breathing, also assists in moving fluids through your body for detox along with increasing oxygen and stimulating organ relaxation.



Yoga Rehab – $100 per private session/$15 per person group session of 8-10 attendees

30-45 minute children’s session    $8/per child in groups of 7+

Learn Yoga Poses that are specifically targeted to your body’s needs. Whether you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or rotator cuff tear, I can custom design your work out to target specific areas to strengthen, stretch or rest. You will learn neutral spine, it’s whole body connection and how to incorporate into a daily practice for disease prevention and management. Yoga is an untapped source for addressing many reflexes from birth that may have not been integrated. Whether you are an adult or child, primitive reflexes can influence incorrect posture and balance which makes Yoga for Kids a great tool for parents! FREE 15 minute In-Office Yoga Break! Call or text 215-499-0444 or email today for an appointment. Ask about providing gift certificates to your clients as a thank you gift!

I also offer 2+ hr workshops for yoga teachers providing CE units approved for Yoga Alliance.



Manual Lymph Drainage/Lymphatic Massage – $150 (60 minutes)-          In home

Focuses on encouraging natural drainage of the lymph system utilizing gentle massage techniques in a specific sequence along with recommendations of techniques for self lymph drainage at home! A Lymphatic Massage, also called Manual Lymph Drainage, is good for daily aches and pains, swelling, pre and post surgery for edema management, headaches and more.



Manual Therapy – $120 – (60 minutes) – In Home

Alleviate and release chronic pain, soreness, fatigue, & muscle tension by using trigger point release, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization. Slow, deep strokes & friction across the muscle grain will be applied to your achy muscles. This service can be performed on your full body or concentrated only on specific areas of discomfort.


Facial Rejuvenation – $75 – (45 minutes) – Facial Decongestion, consultation and review for home practice – In home

Do you have allergies, headaches or facial puffiness? A Facial Rejuvenation session utilizes Manual Lymph Drainage techniques to stimulate your lymphatic system and reinvigorate your immune system helping to sweep out harmful toxins. To maintain this great new feeling, you will learn to apply moisturizer during your daily morning care routine using a modified manual lymph drainage technique. Got a group? Have a home show for $100 with up to 5 friends to split the cost. No space at home? Let’s sit down in a private conference room with light drinks and snacks available. .


Posture Work Up – $125 – (60 minutes)- In Home

Focuses on massage with manual techniques to neck, back and shoulder complex along with recommendations for home exercises to promote improved posture and reduces tension. Techniques utilized are trigger point release, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization. Manual therapy is a prime method that aides in removing movement restrictions and retraining your muscles to relax.

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MsKimBurns@gmail.com    or give me a call! 215-499-0444

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