5 Core Concepts for beginning Yogis

Therapy on the Mat – Private Lessons

5 things beginners should due in yoga class

  1. Know Neutral Spine! Getting the spinal muscles stabilized first is important before beginning to add advanced poses. Maintain neutral as much as possible!
  2. Learn correct breathing: I find yoga classes do a nice job warming up with breath, giving enough time for the participant to breath with a relaxed body yet there are not enough cues to instruct on breathing during exertion and 3 part breath for great detoxing influence through the lymphatic system. Very important to maintain the integrity of the abdominal organs.
  3. Pay attention to placement of your joints. don’t over do any movement, flexion, extension or internal rotation. These put you at risk of stretching ligaments, compressing discs, or blocking blood and lymphatic flow. Wrist, elbow, and neck hyper extension are most common. maintain neutral spine in positions to develop flexibility before compounding the integrity of the joint of placing your body weight over.
  4. Never try to look at the instructor or other participants. If you are unsure of how to continue a pose, back out to a resting position and observe from there. You are already putting your joints in a compromised position, by twisting and turning to look.  I like to look for studios that have mirrored walls. If there were mirrors on the ceiling, even better. It makes checking your alignment better and improves proprioceptive awareness, the way we can ‘feel’ where all our body parts are in relation to each other.  See it in “your mind’s eye
  5. Push to burning not PAIN! Back out slowly! Don’t push into it and its not OK to fall out. You want to teach your muscles how to get back to the place you just took it to!

The next time you head into any studio be it Pilates, Yoga, or Zumba, Think about your own level of flexibility, how your joints are positioned and modify the poses with safety and protection in mind.

Therapy on the Mat is designed as basic guidelines of yoga  for spinal alignment and good technique for joint positioning. Medically relevant information is provided during poses so that you get the most of of your class.  It is safe for those with back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. Poses are performed at a slower pace to ensure proper spinal alignment and to develop a better understanding of anatomy, posture and intelligent integration of the body. We will explore various breathing techniques and how they influence the lymphatic and nervous system. Modifications are suggested for safe and proper alignment. This class is also appropriate for advance yogis looking to improve core strength and learn alignment principles, biomechanics, breath work and detoxing through yoga. Aromatherapy is also presented as a way to intensify focus and the effects of yoga enhancing your practice.