Gluten Gluttony

Gluten Gluttony: Surviving the Holidays

Living gluten free is challenging enough under normal daily circumstances. When you add on the holidays and events, you have a prescription for disaster. Gluten free living continues to grow in popularity and more stores and restaurants are becoming increasingly more aware of the need for gluten free foods. That’s not usually true of holiday parties and the numerous events that take place in season. What is frequently served are the staples of any party, cheese and crackers, baked goods, desserts and oh the pastas! Who doesn’t want to indulge in the delicious meals and snacks that are offered up? How do you contain yourself in a world of decadent food? You go in with a plan of attack. No, not attacking the food! Attack the cravings for the gluten riddled food with strategies to reduce your envy of that big fat chocolaty cake staring at you.

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