Discovering Health, What’s In Your Toolbox?

Discovering Health, What’s In Your Toolbox?

By Kimberly Burns

Most everyone has a toolbox of some sort. A toolbox is generally thought of as a physical area that we keep special tools that you use around your home to maintain and repair household items. It contains different unique tools that you use alone or in conjunction with other tools. A therapist’s tool box may consist of different tests, a variety of therapeutic interventions such as different exercises, knowledge and other tools that we call modalities that we will use to help with a patient’s injury or disease. Parents with children that have special needs may have their own sensory tool box with activities to stimulate all of a child’s senses to improve the ability to develop. If you want to live in good health and fight injury and disease, being your own health advocate and gaining knowledge of what is available will assist you in developing your own wellness toolbox.

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Kimberly Burns, OTR/L, CLT, is an Occupational Therapist with over 14 years’ experience working with clients ranging from infants to the elderly. She has always had passion for wellness and has knowledge of a variety of modalities and techniques for wellness management.   (215) 499.0444 –

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